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Laddoo Gopal with Flute Idol | Bal Gopal Murti | Little Kanha Figurine for Home Temple

Laddoo Gopal with Flute Idol | Bal Gopal Murti | Little Kanha Figurine for Home Temple

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Ideal Ways To Worship Laddu Gopal At Home:
Many Hindu Homes embrace the idol of Laddu gopal in their home temples. It is believed that Laddu gopal brings happiness, prosperity and good luck for the family members. Besides that, the arrival of laddu gopal in your home signifies that Shri Krishna is happy and he himself wants to come to your home. This childhood avatar of Shri Krishna has to be treated just like a baby.

Bal Gopal or Laddu gopal ji is the childhood form of Shri Krishna. He is one of the most adored Hindu gods. He is revered and taken care of like an offspring of the family. He is treated as the most important member of the family and is served food before anyone else in the house.

Attractive Appearance:
The appearance of Laddu Gopal, the child form of Lord Shri Krishna, is so sweet that it attracts everyone’s mind. In such a situation, many people keep him as a member in the house. Many childless couples also keep Laddu Gopal in the house, so that they can get the happiness of the child.

Benefits of having Laddu Gopal
1. It is auspicious to keep a statue of Bal Gopal in the house for getting children. For this, put a picture of Laddu Gopal in the bedroom in the East or West direction.
2. The idol of Laddu Gopal not only helps in procuring children but also increases confidence in the person and empowers him to become successful. If you are getting failures in your life then you must keep Bal Gopal at home.
3. Child form of Krishna ji also fulfills all the wishes of the devotees. Tell him whatever you wish in front of Laddu Gopal Ji. Your wish will be fulfilled.
4. The naughty form of Bal Krishna is so beautiful that positive energy is transmitted not only in the mind but also in the house through his blossoming face.

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