Budget-Friendly Brilliance: Stylish Home Decor Finds at Artivoke

Introducing a masterpiece by Artivoke, that seamlessly blends traditional artistry with modern design. This exquisite artwork showcases the sacred  Onkar  mantra, a revered symbol in Sikhism, meticulously crafted from resin and adorned with intricate gold cutwork.

Displayed on a premium A Type Pine Wood Easel Stand, this piece not only exudes elegance but also carries a profound spiritual significance. The synergy of meaningful symbolism, artistic resin detailing, and luxurious gold embellishments makes it a one-of-a-kind addition to any space.

Artivoke invites you to elevate your home decor or make a thoughtful and visually striking gift choice with the Onkar Mantra Resin Art Gold Cutwork.Immerse your surroundings in beauty and spirituality, as this remarkable piece becomes a timeless treasure, leaving a lasting impression on those who appreciate the art of meaningful adornment.

Ganesh ji with shivling

Introducing our exquisite home decor item, the  Ganesh Ji with Shivling  figurine – a divine masterpiece that encapsulates spirituality and aesthetic allure. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this figurine is more than just an ornament; it's a symbol of positivity, grace, and the cyclical nature of life.

The majestic presence of Lord Ganesha alongside the Shivling creates a harmonious blend, signifying abundance, enlightenment, and cosmic power. Whether placed in your living room, bedroom, or any other space, this figurine emanates tranquility and divine energy, transforming your home into a sanctuary of peace.

Our Ganesh Ji with Shivling is not only a stunning addition to your decor but also a meaningful gift idea. It imparts religious values while maintaining aesthetic appeal, making it a perfect present for various occasions. Displaying this artifact proudly not only sparks conversations but also radiates faith, wisdom, and beauty throughout your home. Embrace the divine essence with this conversation starter that adds a touch of spirituality and elegance to your living space.

Silver Plated small Elephant Home Decor

Elephants have long been revered as symbols of strength, resilience, courage, peace, love, and protection. According to Hindu scriptures, Feng Shui, and Vastu Shastra, having an elephant figurine in the house is considered auspicious, bringing positive energy and good fortune.

Our Silver-Plated Small Elephant transcends traditional decor, embodying these symbolic qualities with a touch of sophistication. Meticulously crafted, each intricate detail captures the timeless beauty of elephants, symbolizing wisdom and good fortune. The silver-plated finish adds a shimmering allure, seamlessly complementing various interior decor styles.

The small size offers versatility in placement, whether enhancing shelves, mantels, or serving as a captivating centerpiece on a coffee table. This home decor item is a testament to the artisan's dedication to quality craftsmanship, making it a unique and eye-catching addition to your living space.

More than a decorative piece, our Silver-Plated Small Elephant serves as a conversation starter, inviting admiration for its aesthetic appeal and cultural significance. Enrich your home with the symbolic presence of this enchanting piece, and let it transform your living space into a haven of style and meaning. Embrace the fusion of artistry and functionality with this captivating decor item, ideal for both personal enjoyment and thoughtful gifting.

Gold Plated Krishna Ji Hands with Flute Figurine

In the divine world of Artivoke, where spirituality meets artistry in the form of our exquisite  Gold Plated Krishna Ji Hands with Flute Figurine.  Lord Krishna, revered as the eighth avatar of Vishnu and the Supreme God, graces your living space with his enchanting presence through this intricately designed masterpiece.

The symbolism behind Lord Krishna's hands adorned with gold-plated bracelets, playing his melodious flute, is profound. According to mythology, the flute signifies harmony and has the power to attract happiness to all beings in the universe. The peacock feather in the background, a symbol of purity, brings happiness, peace, and prosperity, reducing life's troubles.   

Measuring 3.5 inches, this figurine is a perfect addition to your home decor or can find a pride of place on your car dashboard. The gold-plated detailing reflects Artivoke's commitment to precision and aesthetics, transforming your space into a sanctuary of elegance.

Beyond being a decor item, this figurine is a celebration of divine elegance in everyday life. Gift it to a loved one or let it grace your own surroundings, infusing tranquility and sophistication. Immerse yourself in the enchanting blend of artistic excellence and spiritual significance with Artivoke's Gold Plated Krishna Ji Hands with Flute Figurine – a timeless symbol of devotion and refinement.

Silver Plated Om Symbol

Immerse your living space in divine tranquility with Artivoke's Silver Plated Om Symbol, a decor piece that seamlessly blends spirituality and style. The sacred Om symbol, revered in Hinduism as a profound spiritual icon, takes center stage in this meticulously crafted showpiece. Its silver-plated finish adds a touch of sophistication, making it a symbol of both serenity and refined taste.

The Om symbol holds deep significance, resonating with the sacred sound spoken at the commencement and conclusion of Hindu rituals, mantras, and meditations. Beyond its spiritual essence, this showpiece becomes a thoughtful gift for various occasions, from marriage anniversaries to housewarmings and festive celebrations like Diwali and Raksha Bandhan.


Perfect for adorning your living space, meditation area, or office, the Silver Plated Om Symbol becomes a radiant focal point, exuding calm energy. It transcends the realm of mere decor, becoming a statement of mindful living. Embrace the harmonious blend of divine design and contemporary allure, inviting positivity and elegance into your surroundings with every glance at this captivating symbol of spiritual grace by Artivoke.



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